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Essential Oils and Energy


Our bodies are made of energy, just like everything else in this world… trees, grass, rocks, air, water.  Everything is made of energy…tiny molecules held together by invisible bonds.  Pure Essential Oils are the perfect delivery system to get that potent energy into our bodies.  These powerful essential oils help our bodies to do their job more efficiently.  They are incredible tools that we can give to all the workers in our body.  If we give our body proper fuel (healthy food, adequate water, bio-available nutrients), great maintenance (exercise, sleep and proactive medical care), and the right tools (like essential oils), this beautiful system that we call our body will run well! 


Sometimes there are things that interrupt the inner workings of our energy and of our bodies.  These things can come in the form of toxins, poor food choices causing inflammation or nutrient deficient foods, stress (both physical and emotional), or infection.  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Oils are simple tools that can help our bodies function more optimally in a world where we all face these challenges in our own unique ways!  At Becoming You Wellness, we focus our efforts on empowering you to support your physical and emotional health by using these incredible CPTG Essential Oils through education and giving our enrolled members access to a large and supportive community.


These beautiful essential oils and incredible understanding that we have gained through using them has transformed our lives and the lives of everyone we work with!  We can't wait to help you get started and simply Become Who You Are.



We currently offer the following services:

 -Essential Oil Education and Business Training


- Personalized Wellness Plans and Lifestyle Coaching



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