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I’m enough and so are you!!

Want to up-level your day? Start off by reminding yourself that you are enough and choose to feel grateful for who you are! Ground into that belief and return to it often. Make it your baseline. Decide to really believe it! I love using doTERRA essential oils (Bergamot, Frankincense, Align, Pink Pepper & Rose are awesome companions when aligning with this particular belief) and thought work to help me out here.

An interesting thing happens when we start from a place of self acceptance, gentleness and self love. We gain new eyes for the beauty inside of ourselves AND others! Today I felt so grateful that I am willing to do this work, to change & grow and be kind to myself! And all day my heart and mind have overflowed with gratitude for the little wonderful things I see in others too.

I have seen the kindness of my younger son as he looked me right in the eyes with a sweet smile and gave me a big hug when he woke up today. I have seen the generosity and gentleness of my husband who made me breakfast and prayed over me before leaving for work. I saw curiosity and openness in my older son as he listened to a coaching call I was on so he could gain insight too. A teenager… opening his mind to learn from others so he can create the life he really wants.

They may seem small, but these are the things my dreams were made of as a young girl. I hoped and prayed so hard that I would be able to create a loving, curious, successful, service-oriented family. It isn’t small to me.

And then I saw beautiful paintings my friend creates and her bravery in sharing her light with the world by posting them! And I saw a friend who shows up to help others with their mindset and demonstrates how to give grace and still hold strong boundaries. Next, I joined a call with a group of incredible top-level leaders who literally get together each week to hear what their teams all think. And when I share my enthusiastic opinion, they value it! You guys, the desire to hear and value people is not a small thing!

And next I saw a determined mother who sought knowledge so she could create a beautiful home for herself and her family. She chose to learn and create over being bitter about her earlier experience in life. And that reminded me of a woman who I adore that creates retreats where moms can go to get recharged and build deep friendship. She felt a need for this gift in her own life, so she decided to fill the need for others too.

These are not small things. These are people showing up and trusting that they are enough. These are the most beautiful parts of life. Look closely.



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