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How do I join in?

Come and learn with us! Customers and Wellness Advocates have the most incredible opportunity in 2 weeks (September 14-17th) to gather together in Salt Lake City, Utah and learn together. Even people who are just being introduced to doTERRA are invited to join in! Come hang out with us in person for the best experience! We love the education, parties, food and the friendship! Truly, this is my favorite event all year and it's totally customizable! There's tons of education to choose from and it's basically an awesome choose your own adventure opportunity with some of the greatest people you'll ever meet!

Grabbing any of the virtual or in person ticket options gives you access to purchase the new products before they launch to the rest of the world, and trust me, they are going to blow your mind!

The new MetaPWR products are generating incredible results for the Wellness Advocates who have been testing them out. I'll do a separate post on MetaPWR, because it deserves it's own moment in the spotlight! But let me just tell you this will be lifechanging for metabolism & managing blood sugar levels, weight loss, skin support, digestion, sleep, cognitive function and focus, energy and overall health. I know... tall promises. But just you wait! This is not like anything else you have seen & it is going to rock your world!

At our Convention, we get to try all of the oils out in person! And we will learn from the scientists doing research on how essential oils and supplements work in our body to support optimal health. We also hear from the founders of doTERRA and hear why they are so dedicated to this mission to pursue purity in business, in relationships, and in Essential Oils.

We will learn all about the Healing Hands foundation (doTERRA's Humanitarian Foundation) and the many projects around the world that are being completed by regular people like you and I in partnership with doTERRA to lift and liberate so many. And we will learn what it means to be a Humanitarian Entrepreneur and how each of us is already participating in that awesome pursuit simply by purchasing and enjoying our doTERRA oils... and there is so much more we have the opportunity to participate in!

I am not exaggerating when I say I love Convention week more than my own birthday week! It is a place I return to each year to feel clarity, inspiration, love and community! My heart is lifted and overflows every single day at Convention. My vision expands and I see what is possible again. This is a place where the things you hope for and dream of, are proven possible. You see that the people who are moving mountains are no different than you and I. They are normal people pulling together to do extraordinary things! You meet the community of world changers that is waiting with open arms to help you accomplish the things your heart longs for! Jump in with both feet and come see for yourself! I promise you will be glad you did!

Grab your tickets here

And then be sure to message me so I know to save you a seat! This is an adventure you will not want to miss!

Check out this little clip from our call this week to hear what we really think of it!

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