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My deepest Desires

Hey you guys!

I know we have all been experiencing a lot of personal growth and learning to realign with what we feel called to do…. I am no exception. The mastermind call I attended last week really helped me to clarify and remember why I am doing this.

I love helping people with essential oils and hearing their success stories. I love knowing that they feel better, because I taught them about an amazing tool. I love seeing them become part of our community and feel supported and seen.

I also deeply desire true and abundant financial freedom for my family and want to travel all over the world to see and experience different cultures and places and foods. I want SO much to bring my husband home and retire him from his job so he can spend time with our family and enjoy that connection as much as the kids and I get to. He longs for this gift as well. This requires me to triple his income and completely solidify the rank of Diamond in doTERRA. I want to give our family that gift so badly, but that is not where I intend to stop.

There is another reason I do this.

I choose to build a doTERRA business, because I believe I have a responsibility to change the world in the way that I can. I see the inequalities and injustice that poverty brings, and I feel a deep need to help. I believe that being born into the life I have, challenges and all, comes with a larger responsibility to serve. I haven’t found another route where I can create as much impact or receive as much support in this effort as doTERRA offers me. Our missions align, and it is a partnership I am deeply loyal to.

It is my deepest desire to have the highest percentage of team members participating in humanitarian efforts through doterra of any team in the company. I want it to be our culture. It can look a million different ways, so please do not misunderstand me. I want you to do this your way, with your strengths, in the areas that matter most to you. That is what I am learning to build. That is what I am hoping to grow into. I feel a deep responsibility and will not stop, ever.

This is my promise to you. I will keep going. I will continue to practice being uncomfortable and make mistakes so I can get better at things. I will continue to be willing to look at myself in compassionate and honest ways. I will continue to seek out mentors who help me to grow and become a better leader and friend. I will give myself and each of you grace in our humanness and keep learning to set and honor healthy boundaries so we can have beautiful relationships. I will allow you your journey and pace, and will keep cheering you on.

As each day passes, each of us has the opportunity to grow. My hope is that you will decide what matters to you and solidify your willingness to make it reality. However that looks. If you resonate with what I am working to create and want to work closely with me, please reach out so I know who to include in those efforts.

I have a deep love and concern for each of you and hope you feel how intensely worthy and valuable you are!

With love and gratitude,


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