Sensitive, professional, efficient, honest in the kindest way, helpful, and effective are only a few ways to describe Laura. Our family has benefited from sessions with Laura where issues as small as a body ache is addressed to as large as coping with the roller coaster emotions of tragically losing a loved one, all the while feeling loved,  supported, and able to move forward in our lives in a positive, powerful way. 

- Leta R.

The sessions with Laura have been a wonderful benefit to my life. I’m happier, have more peace, and more patience than before. The best thing is that I have a better relationship with my brother, which in the past has been like gravel in your knees; painful and hard to remove. I will always be thankful for that.

- Michelle M.

My experience with the emotion code was quite dramatic. It worked almost immediately. I had problems with my stomach aching to the point I didn't want to eat and Laura was able to find where the problem was coming from and how many generations back there had been problems like this in my family. I am very impressed with emotion coding and would use Laura anytime I had something I can't take care of my self.

- Brent K.

Healing is a journey. The emotion code is a tool that helped us find peace as we traversed that journey. It can help you to recognize and process emotions that for so many remain “tucked away” and avoided. Laura doesn’t just use it in her profession, but she also uses this tool on a daily basis in her own life, making her proficient, comfortable and capable of using this tool to help you on your own journey of healing.   


- Melanie S.

After years of expensive chiropractic and massage therapy I was frustrated that the relief would only ever last for a few days.  Laura's Emotion Code treatments have been a miracle for me.  Finally, years of back pain and headaches are gone after just a few treatments from her.


- J. Shaver

I saw Laura both for myself and for my dog. The most interesting thing to me was to see the effects on my dog. He had had a traumatic incident with a Newfoundland dog on a hike a few years before. He had a lot of fear, aggression, issues with meeting people, and major separation anxiety.  As Laura did her thing, he had very noticible changes in his behavior. He became a lot more calm, and started to handle me being away much better.


- Mandi M.

When I first learned of the Emotion Code, I was wary about how it would help. It seemed unconventional, so I was curious on if it would actually be beneficial. My session with Laura was relaxing. She explained the process in an understandable fashion and helped describe steps along the way. I left the session feeling fantastic and peaceful. I was unaware that I was holding unto anger until after my session with Laura. She helped me to finally move past unnecessary baggage. I truly felt like a new person after my experience. I highly recommend the Emotion Code and Laura's services to my friends.

- Mary K.

I've had the most amazing experience with Laura. I never heard of the emotion code before Laura mentioning Becoming You Wellness. I googled "emotion code" and was immediately interested in doing sessions. She is amazing! She says that she isn't because it's my body and spirit ready to do the work. However, without Laura, I would not have been able to do the work. Everyone should work with Laura. EVEN PETS!! She doesn't shame me for my trapped emotions, she talked to me about what to expect with the sessions and what happens after the sessions. I know that my relatives, alive and passed, are feeling the effects of the emotions I release. Thank you Laura for helping me, my family and my ancestors!!

- Hawaii Mom



Becoming You Wellness (BYW) offers health improvement and coaching services using Certified Pure Theraputic Grade Essential Oils, Energy Work, and Emotion Code.  BYW is not a medical practice. More specifically, they do not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury. Also, BYW does not recommend or prescribe any medications or pharmaceutical drugs.